Quip Nebula: The When

The game is set around 550 million years from the beginning of the universe in a time cosmologists call the star formation epoch. At this unique »

Physics and Control: Rotation

Early on while working on this game (and the general platform concept) I had figured out a detailed set of keyboard shortcuts for camera management. It »

Physics and Control: Position

One of the fun math challenges we have run into during development is for controlling items in space. I wanted all the items to use real »

Quip Nebula: Experimental Keyboard Control Design

We are experimenting with a lot of gaming concepts in Quip nebula and one of these concepts is how we deal with keyboard controls. The reason »

Life is Better in Game Development

This post is in response to the question: “Has developing video games made your life better?” I’ve been programming since I was too young to »

Naming of the Game

Coming up with a name for Quip Nebula was a fun challenge. The word Quip is a secret acronym that may be revealed at some distant »

The Setting

Working on the story for Quip Nebula has been a great challenge because of the setting I have set up for it. Again, taking the long »

Why we're not using an existing engine

There are a lot of great game engines out there. I decided not to use them for a number of reasons. Quip Nebula is just a »

Our approach to writing

Many games have linear stories. You go from one person/place to the next and if you’re not there, nothing is happening. Kind of like »


A lot of software developers dream of writing their own computer game. My brother and I started working on one in high school. “Black Sabre” I »