Game Highlights


  •      Deep space setting where no direction is favored
  •      Non-linear freedom to explore
  •      Thought provoking story
  •      Strategy without micromanaging
  •      Control game speed, set your own pace

The Setting

Working on the story for Quip Nebula has been a great challenge because of the setting I have set up for it. Again, taking the long view, I have long term reasons for the setting, universe, mechanic...


Why we’re not using an existing engine

There are a lot of great game engines out there. I decided not to use them for a number of reasons. Quip Nebula is just a beginning for us. It represents the first entry in an ambitious goal not onl...


Our approach to writing

Many games have linear stories. You go from one person/place to the next and if you’re not there, nothing is happening. Kind of like the Truman Show. I’ve decided to take a different ap...